April 04, 2008

Tom Shields called upon his wealth of knowledge and experience in his speech to the Stubblebine Company Business Breakfast. Tom described his journey from serving as an executive in the health care industry and also about his battle to support traditional family values in the state of Massachusetts.

After attending the U.S. Naval Academy, Tom Shields went on to serve in the nuclear submarine service and on the faculty of the Academy. He won a fellowship to Harvard Business School, after which he focused on small manufacturing businesses.

While serving on the board of Harvard Community Health Plan, Tom was asked to turn around a Providence, RI HMO that was losing $1 million per month. He and his team were successful, and Tom was asked to become a president on the Management Offices Division of the billion dollar parent company.

Tom has shifted his focus over the last fifteen years to move from success to signifigance. He is founding chairman of Alpha New England, La Vida, Inc., and the Colaition for Marriage and Family. He is also Chairman Emeritus of Massachusetts Family Institute, Chairman of the Group Insurance Commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Chairman/CEO of Dalton Electric Heating Company in Ipswich, MA.


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