June 20, 2008

Bill Alexson was the main speaker at the summer 2008 Stubblebine Company Business Breakfast. Bill gave an inspirational talk about the development of the NBA Chapel Program and the powerful effort the program has had on the lives of NBA players.

Bill Alexson, Founder, Executive Director and President of SportsPower International, started the National Basketball Association Chapel Program over twenty-five years ago. Growing up in Boston during the Havlicek era, watching the Boston Celtics win many championships, Bill dreamed of being a professional basketball player and playing in the NBA. Though he did not play in the NBA, he did play professional basktball in Greece in the 1970's.

Bill's life changed when he heard that one of the Boston Celtics players left the team mid-season to find meaning in life through living on a park bench. Determined to help those players who were seeking meaning and purpose in their lives, Bill decided to be instrumental in the NBA in a different way. Through many amazing events, Bill was challenged yet able to set in place a chapel program that continues to inspire and answer deep needs of NBA players.

Today, Bill is still a volunteer chaplain to NBA players, taking former and current pro players accross the globe with a message of hope and encouraging young people to make the right choices in life.


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